About Borgercenter Handicap and what we can do for you

The Citizen Center for People with Disabilities provides help and support to people with permanent physical or mental disabilities.

The Citizen Center for People with Disabilities (in Danish: Borgercenter Handicap) is a center under the Social Services Administration of The City of Copenhagen. The center offers advice and guidance in obtaining support under social legislation. The Center can refer to residential and day care services, processes applications for disability aids, financial assistance, preventive measures, personal help systems and much more.

Who gets help from the Citizen Center for People with Disabilities?
The target audience is children, young people, their families and adult citizens up to 65 years of age who either have a permanent physical or mental disability or a chronic illness.

How is the Citizen Center for People with Disabilities organized?
The Center employees 230 persons organized in three departments (Children, Young Persons, and Adults) as well as a reception team. In addition, the Center runs a “Family House” to assist families of children and young people with disabilities.

The Citizen Center’s Reception is open to all and provides advice and guidance regarding  help and support. The reception can also process simple applications immediately as well as answer many common questions. The reception processes applications for disability aids for people under 65 as well as a number of disability compensation benefits, attendance scheme etc. as well as visitation to the Family House and the Center’s main departments for Children, Young People or the Adults.

Children's Area:
Aimed at families with children and young people up to 15 years.

Young area:
Aimed at young people aged 15-26 years and their families.

Adult area:
Aimed at people between 26 and 65.

Family house:
Aimed at families of children and young people with disabilities. Activities include family counseling, tutoring process and courses.

The center houses a staff supporting the citizen-related areas as well as residential and day care services in areas such financial management, development, law, communications and Human Resources.

User influence in the Citizen Center for People with Disabilities
In the Citizen Center for People with Disabilities there is a “Handicap Council” consisting of representatives from the Danish Disability Organisations as well as employees. There is also a “Parent Council”, which has a specific focus on children and young persons. The purpose of the two councils is to provide users with an advisory role in relation to the center's daily activities and strengthen an ongoing dialogue on the center’s services.

Contact us
The webpage is mainly in Danish, but you are very welcome to contact us for more information and help with filling out applications etc. See "Kontakt".

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